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November 5, 2014 – I’m so thrilled to be able to announce that my home on the internet just got a complete remodel, created by the amazing Samantha at Point of Vue Design.  This has been a long project in the making! Because of her ridiculously amazing talent, when I booked in January of this year I was given a start date of August because that’s how booked she was…  The suspense all year has been killing me! But finally, here we are… and I’m in love!

Samantha hit the nail on the head with everything I wanted.  Simple.  Easy to navigate.  Simple to navigate.  And my biggest wish was for folks to be immediately presented with a storyboard of images as soon as they hit the front page… you don’t have to click anything to see a full representation of the style of my photography in the blog roll when you hit my home page.  It’s exactly what I had envisioned!

The light and airy look and feel of the brand refresh is magical.  She hand-drew my pretty new logo and made the super sweet flower to finish it off.  The colors are dreamy!

So now on to my big announcement.. you ready for it!?

2014 has been a life changing year for me.     I fell in love with a man who loves me in return like I never knew I could be loved.  I never knew what it was like to feel like I was created so perfectly… that even my biggest flaws were intentionally created.. perfectly.. for someone who would love them all.

I never knew that feeling until I fell in love with Jerry.

Jerry and I had a year full of emotion..  Incredibly lovey-dovey emotion as we got to know each other’s souls in and out!!! That kind of ewy-gooey love you haven’t felt since high school when you thought there just weren’t enough minutes in the day to account for all the time you wanted to spend together!

And this year Jerry and I also felt the worst kind of emotion.  Raw, debilitating sadness as we said goodbye to his two children 6 weeks apart as they lost their battle with Batten’s disease.

It’s been the best and worst year, all wrapped up in one.

But through the pain of the experiences of this year, Jerry and I grew even more inseparable.  Even past that ushy-gushy kind of ‘inseparable’ from high school, and into a type of ‘inseparable’ in way that we knew we needed each other.  That we relied on each other and needed the strength of the other to get through each day.

Last month, Jerry decided that he wanted to solidify that inseparable-ness and he asked me to marry him!

We’re Engaged!!!

So there it is!!  I’m going to be Melissa Mimlitsch in spring of 2015!  I’m so honored to be loved by him every day and to be strengthened by his faith in God’s ultimate plan and inspired by his strong character as he continues living and loving life through all it’s obstacles.

So I know a lot of you are like, “Duh.. I knew that.. OLD NEWS!!”  Because I sort of made a Pinterest board after he proposed that I later found out alerted many of my Pinterest followers that I was planning a wedding.. OOPS.

But maybe the PART II of my big announcement that you didn’t know is that Jerry has been second shooting with me all of 2014 and he LOVES it.  and he ROCKS at it.  Not even kidding.  That boy is sexy AND he can shoot!  How bout that for a husband!?

Jerry and I are (going to be) officially a Hubby and Wifey Wedding Shooting team!  YAYY!!!!

I know you’re all like “hold up.  Didn’t you JUST finish a brand refresh with a last name that you’re not going to have in 6 months?”

I KNOW, RIGHT!?!  But that’s the thing about love.. and life.. when you book something in January, you have no idea what August will bring :-)  And when I booked my refresh in January, I totally did not know I’d be engaged a month after finishing the project!  But Jerry and I reached that threshold in our relationship this year… you know the one I’m talking about.. the “when you know, you know.” one..  and we know that it’s time to make this life together official.. brand new logo refresh or not.

So now I’ve got to start brainstorming ANOTHER new refresh for a year or so from now with a new name! But I’m going to live with this beautifully designed Melissa Stallings Photography while I research my next moves on a business name change over the next year or two.. whew, that’s a BIG project.

We want to celebrate our engagement with some gifts for a bride.. or 3!


Jerry and I want to give a huge 15% off the total wedding package price to the first bride who books her 2015 wedding with us after this launch!


You guys.. That’s $450 off $3000! That’s pretty sweet if you ask me!

“Booking” means contract signed and deposit made so if you are interested in nabbing this offer, contact me immediately to check out prices and I’ll email you over a paypal invoice for the deposit along with an electronic contract to sign!


We also want to give away one FREE Wedding Album (10×10, 40 page album!) to the next 2015 bride who books after the 15% off offer has been used!


And THEN, we want to give away one FREE Engagement or Bridal Session to the third 2015 bride who books after the above gifts have been claimed!


In order to qualify for the gifts be sure to tell me in your email or phone call that you saw this brand spankin’ new website of mine and that Sam at Point of Vue Design is so crazy talented and did a fabulous job!

And now, since no blog post is complete without a photograph.. here’s my gorgeous ring!!! It’s a Montana Sapphire.. so natural and unique and beautiful.. just like our love…

(I know… We are total SAPS! We don’t deny it!!)

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  • November 5, 2014 - 3:28 pm

    Chelsea Brown - Congrats Melissa! What a beautiful site and what wonderful news of your engagement! I know you guys have had a rough time lately, but I see God working in your lives and pray that you reap a big harvest in the coming year as you grow together in your business, marriage, and towards God!! Much love!


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