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Hi!   We are Missy + Jerry

We are a newlywed hubby and wifey duo

passionate about documenting  J o y f u l couples!


Here’s our story…

Our love story begins at a time in our lives when we were least expecting a love story to begin!  Missy and her daughter Evie living their life – Jerry and his kids, Hudson and Leila living theirs.  Little did we know the powerful web God was about to weave in our lives to bring us together when he knew we would need each other most.

Both of Jerry’s kids had just been diagnosed with a terminal brain disease.  I (Missy) didn’t know Jerry at the time but many in our community did and it goes without saying that their hearts broke for him at the diagnosis.  As a result, someone we mutually knew decided to donate a photo session for Jerry to have some fun memories documented with his kids!  I was the one who was contacted to photograph them together..  

And that is how our story begins :)

Jerry’s continual joy and deep faith, despite the diagnosis that he was now facing with his children, is what I fell in love with first.  After I had a chance to know him, the more inspired I became by how he was able to keep his priorities set on bringing a smile to the faces of everyone he encountered and he never ceased to put others before of himself!  He made me want to be a better person. He inspired me to seek joy in my own life and I ultimately knew that there was something incredibly special about this man to have the ability to maintain such a beautiful soul, …despite what he was going through. 

Jerry and I, through the course of our relationship (and marriage in 2015, yay!!), have been able to hold each other through the most beautiful time of our lives – building this love together – and the most painful time of our lives – saying goodbye to his children.  We are thankful every. single. day that God brought us together when he did so that we could hold on to each other for every laugh and every tear.

Through the challenges that we faced together as a couple, a reoccurring theme in our relationship has been JOY and how important it is to seek joy in your life, even through the sadness.  We believe that joy comes from God and he desires for us to be happy.  We believe that he gives us so much to be joyful for, even when we are experiencing sorrow.  We just have to keep our hearts trained on

finding that JOY in all situations.

We’ve formulated our business around this motto and have a verse from 1 Thessalonians posted pretty much everywhere to keep our hearts in check:


We have dedicated our photography to documenting joyful couples like us:


Ones that are snuggly and cuddly, flirty and silly!
The ones that value finding Joy in all situations
and loving each other to the ends of the earth.. just like us.


If that describes your love, we are so glad you found us :-)



Here they are.. our biggest joy!  Our three amazing kiddos :)


…and Hudson & Leila

who lights up our life every day
who have gone to heaven


If you want to know more about us, keep an eye out for personal posts on our blog!





Always be Joyful!

1 Thes. 5:16


Our faith in Jesus is what powers us everyday!  We aspire to seek his guidance in all that we do and to use his written word as the foundation of our lives.. and our business.  We have found ourselves referring to a favorite scripture from 1 Thessalonians over and over in our lives which commands us to Always be Joyful, and to never stop praying… no matter what obstacles are in your path… no matter what.  That short and sweet verse reminding us simply to smile has made it’s way to the epicenter of our lives and has become the motto of what we strive to capture.

We photograph Joy.  We want to capture those real moments of happiness between two people.  That real comfort as he pulls her in tighter.. that real smile as she nuzzles her nose into the sweet cheeks of her man.  The real peacefulness as they walk together hand in hand.. those real laughs at how silly you feel as you run together toward the camera.. and yes, those real laughs at how silly the lady behind the camera is too!  I’ll do anything to get that genuine moment of joy between you two.. because that’s my goal! widget_custom_image_12_1415065557pin

Photography became an artistic outlet for me as early as high school, constantly clicking that old 35mm point and shoot to photograph all things random.  I never fathomed that it would someday become my career!  I eventually followed the artistic side of my heart and found myself in college studying technical photography. I trained in film processing and printing, studio lighting, portraiture and photojournalism.  After college I returned home to Hertford NC and photographed my first wedding in 2008. Jerry and I started shooting together when we started dating in 2013 and to this day, he is as hooked on weddings as I am! We’re so honored to be able to work together to document something for our clients that we are both so passionate about… joy.